Role Call

We're all called to play a role.

Sitting near the crossroads of Loop 410 and Highway 281 in central San Antonio provides AHUMC unique opportunities to serve within and outside our walls. From volunteering on our campus to supporting neighbors just blocks from our doors, we are called to serve the world.

Jesus said, "love God with all your heart, soul, and strength," and "love your neighbor as yourself."

We are convinced these two instructions are inseparable and that the world is full of neighbors.


THE NEW HAPPY on "Acts of Love"


The same action can be experienced in two very different ways.


For example, a loved one is sick. You go to the pharmacy and the grocery store, picking up medicine, comforting foods, and a little card to cheer them up. In the moment, you're completely focused on what they need and how you can help. You're filled with purpose.


Now, compare that to all of the times that you've gone to the pharmacy or the grocery store without a greater purpose. It was a chore. A drag. The last thing you wanted to do in that moment.


That's the difference between viewing something as a burden and viewing it as an act of love.


Every action can be an act of love — if we connect it to the ways it's helping another person. This mental shift turns it into an act of service.