What is a United Methodist Church?
Do I have to be a Methodist to participate at AHUMC?
How do I learn more about AHUMC?
Can I participate in Communion at AHUMC?
Who can be baptized at AHUMC?
How do I become a member of AHUMC?
What kind of outreach does AHUMC do?
Does AHUMC offer recovery programs?
Does AHUMC offer assistance for hardship?
How do I contact a pastor?
What is AHUMC’s Child Safety Policy?
Does AHUMC offer hearing assistance or ASL interpreters?


Can I host an event at AHUMC?
How do I schedule a baptism at AHUMC?
Can I have my wedding at AHUMC?
Can we have a funeral at the church?
How do I reserve a recurring meeting space at AHUMC?
Can I take photos at the church?