Youth Ministry Director

 We're Hiring!


AHUMC is accepting applications for a full-time staff position as
Youth Ministry Director.  


The complete job description is below.


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TITLE:  Youth Ministry Director


REPORTS TO:  Executive Director


DIRECTLY SUPERVISES:  Youth Ministry Associate Director, Administrative Assistant, Youth Ministry interns


RESPONSIVE TO:  Youth Ministry staff and volunteers, Youth Ministry parents and students, Pastors


DATE:   Summer 2022


FULL-TIME:  40 hours/week



Alamo Heights United Methodist Church is seeking a highly energetic and outgoing individual to direct Youth programming and events.  This position is focused on organizing community-building activities and service projects; building relationships with youth; leading youth programming; and providing support for the mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness of both middle and high-school youth.





  • Be a faithful representative of AHUMC by living out the core beliefs, values, and practices of the Christian faith as exhibited in the Holy Scripture, the life of Jesus, and the theology and Discipline of the United Methodist Church
  • Actively nourish relationships with youth and their families through:

    • Hospitality- Helping youth across the threshold by offering a safe place that honors each person as worthy

    • Neighboring- Growing relationship built on dignity and respect

    • Listening- Hearing the spirit through a language that embraces faith, hope, and love

  • Work with the Youth Ministry Team, pastors, parents, and students to build out opportunities for youth to develop a healthy, restorative community

  • Select, evaluate, and lead Youth Ministry Sunday School curriculum as well as curriculum for Youth Group and other small group studies

  • Oversee all items related to Sunday School planning and execution including lesson-planning, materials creation, A/V set-up, room set-up, and teacher scheduling)

  • Organize and lead confirmation classes for 8th graders

  • Work with Youth Ministry staff and volunteers to organize/implement all Youth Ministry activities, outreach/service, retreats, mission trips and events 

  • Supervise, lead, and support Youth Ministry staff weekly team meetings, informal meetings/discussions, attendance in Sunday school, trainings, and other gatherings/events

  • Collaborate with other AHUMC ministries (Children's Ministry, Worship Ministry, etc.) and outside youth and wellness organizations

  • Meet with youth and their families to provide therapeutic support

  • Direct and administer Youth Ministry including:

    • Managing a budget

    • Attending director-level and ministry-wide meetings

    • Vision planning/program scheduling      

    • Safe Gatherings compliance issues

    • training sessions

    • administrative tasks (fundraising programs, phone calls, emails, thank you's, etc.)


  • Actively nourish his/her spiritual and professional development through prayer, study, worship, and continuing education opportunities




  • Have a minimum of five years of experience working in youth ministry or closely related field   
  • Have a Bachelor’s Degree in social work, mental health professions, ministry, or closely related field
  • Possess an understanding or willingness to explore and embrace the theology of the United Methodist Church  
  • Possess excellent interpersonal, communication, and leadership skills
  • Have experience in social work or the mental health profession
  • Be able to articulate an understanding of spiritual wellness
  • Posses a non-judgmental love for working with youth and their families
  • Be proficient in basic computer skills