New Zion Mission Week 2021

Mission Week Daily Summary 

Day 1: Our work at the food bank was fruitful. Along with all the volunteers we sorted over 11,000 pounds of food. That comes out to about 8,900 meals!

Day 2: Our work was unexpected but, again, fruitful and showed our perseverance as a group! We had the opportunity to help CAM with some beatification of their property. I will be honest…it was hot and we were unprepared. We did not know in advance we would be working outside. Even in our unpreparedness the kids did what they do…they got in their and completed the tasks. Our reward…finishing our afternoon inside in the air conditioning.  Way to go New Zion for hanging in there. So proud of you!!

Day 3: After serving at Summer Sounds, we had the opportunity to go to SAMM (San Antonio Metropolitan Ministries). SAMM helps provide supplies for those transitioning into a more permanent housing situation. They work closely with Haven for Hope and other ministries in the city. Ur contact there, Carol Cauley, is a member of AHUMC and her husband sings in the Sanctuary Choir. She volunteers at SAMM 2 days a week and spends most her time answering the phone to assist people in finding the help they need. She said the work we did today would have taken her 2 weeks to do and in that more donations would have come in and made the process longer. We were glad to be able to offer her some assistance with her work.

Go. Serve. Love – New Zion Youth Choir Mission Week

This was written by Gavin Jernigan-Puett

I have been in the New Zion Youth Choir for four years and have gone on some amazing mission trips. This year our mission trip has been here at home in SA and has been one of the most fun. In the mornings, the youth choir gets to work with our fantastic Summer Sounds campers and then serve in places like Christian Assistance Ministry and San Antonio Metropolitan Ministries, set up a free bookstore at Project Transformation, and sort and push food at the SA Food Bank. It has been insanely fun, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  I have gotten to work with children, had fantastic lunches, volunteered at places that help make a real difference, and played many fun games. This experience has been incredible as we see people smile who then make us smile. And at the end of the day, that's why I do it, why I volunteer. For the community. For the laughs, the smiles, the happiness. For the people.

Thank you to all the campers in Summer Sounds and the youth in New Zion for making this week extraordinary. Thank you, Nona, Ruth Ann, and all our superb parent volunteers for making this mission week possible!