Music & Worship Fall Opportunities

Music is a gift God gave us that can profoundly enhance our worship and relationship with God and each other.


Did you know that the Music and Worship Ministry has something for everyone? From the young in age to the young at heart, we have a place waiting for you.


We often hear, "But I can't sing," "I do not read music," "I am not good enough," or even, "My teacher in school told me to just mouth the words." I will apologize on behalf of your teacher for that remark. Everyone has a voice, and we use it to make a joyful noise, which comes straight from the heart. A line in a song says, "All God's Children Got a Voice in the Choir." All means ALL, and we have a place for you.


Benefits: It's free; you don't have to read music or be a professional singer; there is no audition; there is safety in numbers; but, most importantly, it is more than music. You will find a community in each ensemble that reaches across the generational lines.


Here are what some people say about their experience:


I make room for choir because I know there is something in store that lifts my spirits and recharges me for the rest of the week. (Adult)


I have gained a sense of worthiness from both New Zion and Sunday Sounds. This is a home where all I have to do to be loved is to show up in whatever form or fashion. Being accepted at whatever state has given me the freedom to find myself. (Youth)


There are many ways to introduce a child to music, but to find a place that has a real heart for kids is rare. This community of faithful people is loving on our kids and helping to raise them into the kind and generous young people we want them to be. (3rd Grade Parent)


Check out what the Music & Worship Ministry will offer this Fall below.