Mission and Outreach Task Force

Greetings from the Mission & Outreach Task Force,

This past year has been an on-going test of faith for many of us. It truly has been a wild and strange roller coaster ride, and I am sure that most of us are ready for this ride to be over! I don’t know about you, but I am longing for some sense of normalcy that doesn’t involve masks or social distancing. However, until that day arrives, we must continue to do all that we can to keep ourselves and others safe. We must continue to express our love for God by loving others.

Over the past year the AHUMC Hope Center has continued to serve those in our community that are struggling. Our ministry partners continue to provide food, so generously given by this congregation, to those in our community struggling with food insecurities. During our 40 Cans for 40 Days, we received approximately 4000 cans of food. We are in the process of planning monthly Drive-Thru Food Distributions and working in collaboration with Student Ministries. Ginger Brewer continues to receive applications from families and individuals who need assistance with their CPS Energy bills. Because of your support, the Hope Center has been able to help 112 families/individuals, in the middle of a pandemic, with utility assistance in the amount of $16,340.

As mentioned above, Student Ministries and New Zion Youth Choir are partnering with the Hope Center in addressing food insecurity. They are also partnering, along with the Koinonia Sunday School class and the Adult Choir, with our Asbury campus in providing Bags of Blessing, which are given out to the homeless community around Asbury. The Bags of Blessing are food items that do not require heat or cold storage.

As things begin to open up the Mission & Outreach Task Force will be at the forefront ensuring that AHUMC continues to be actively involved in ministries that serve the greater community. Ministries like Project Transformation, Meals on Wheels, Habitat for Humanity, SA Food Bank, Children’s Hunger Fund, and many more.

We are also in the planning stages of preparing for Pumpkin Patch 2021. We will need many volunteers for this much needed event and your support will be vital. Please consider how you can help be a part of this great event that helps fund many of our local Mission & Outreach ministries.

One last note, the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center is in urgent need of blood donors. They currently have a 1 ½ day supply of blood. Please go to https://biobridgeglobal.org/donors/blood-donation/blood-donors-urgently-needed/ if you would like to schedule a donation.

As always, thank you AHUMC for all you do for the glory of God and his kingdom.

Wishing you peace for the journey,

Pastor Robert