Meet Our Staff: Stacy Smith

Stacy Smith has been serving at AHUMC for four years. She is the Director of Student Ministries.


My husband Darrell and I joined AHUMC in 1999 when we moved here from Austin. Darrell's sister Dinah was one of the pastors here, and we felt it was the right place for us.

We connected to this church through Dinah Shelly, one of the pastors, and Michael Crocker invited us to be a part of something new at AHUMC called New Heights. 

The entire staff here is very supportive and relationship-oriented. I especially felt this during staff meetings when I shared my sadness about my boys heading off to college. Not only were others feeling what I was feeling, but so many stopped by to check on me and hug my neck and let me know - from their place on the journey - that it would get easier. And they have been right.

I always wanted to be in ministry with Darrell, and it amazes me that I get to do this every day now! And because I work with students, I've had the privilege of discipling my own children through Student Ministry. My children have also shown me how to be a better leader for students - they're my biggest fans and encouragers.

My focus this season is on praying for people by name. Those I love, those I know who are struggling, those whom I don't get along with. It has been a meaningful process for me and makes me slow down and think beyond myself.

AHUMC is a place where every person belongs and has a place. We think deeply, love hard, and have open arms.

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