Meet Our Staff: Jane Mowrey

Jane Mowrey is the Weekday School Director at Alamo Heights United Methodist Church. She has served on staff since 1985, and you can read more of her story below!



Hazel and Chester Lee we my neighbors when I moved to San Antonio, and they were the first to invite my husband, Gary and me to Alamo Heights United Methodist Church. Then, shortly after my son's birth, I met a mom at the store with her son who was around the same age. She told me about the "Mother's Day Out" program, and we started attending.


My oldest son, Michael, connected me to this community. I had just moved back to San Antonio after living in Houston for 15 years. I'm an older mother and most of my childhood friends had teenagers!


I have many favorite stories of my time on staff, since I have been blessed to work with children between the ages of 2 months and 5 years. Here's one that stands out: I lead chapel every day, and one day when a 2 year old little girl was leaving for the day, she walked by me and said, "Bye, Jesus!" I, along with her mother, was taken aback at hearing this, but I realized the value and importance of my role here at school. Certainly unworthy of such a compliment, I still realized how important my role is!


I love being involved with young families and their children. I feel like God placed me right where I belong, and I am so grateful. Being able to watch the children grow and learn is a delight. They are such eager "sponges" and truly soak up everything, especially their close connection to Jesus!


I've been in this role for over 30 years, and I realize that soon it will be time to pass this wonderful job on to another. I'm prayerful for God's wisdom and hand to guide me.


AHUMC has been "home" to me for a long time. I never really thought I wanted to be part of such a large church, but I've been loved, supported, and nurtured through the loss of a child and husband by this church. It's the people, choir, and staff that shine a bright light for me. I would encourage others to be part of a very loving community.


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