4th May Board of Stewards Meeting

Greetings to all. I pray everyone had an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend. The Board continues to work through the current issues with prayer and your support. This week’s meeting continued to address the financial condition of the church and the necessary protocols for the reopening of the campus, especially the opportunity for in-person worship.

The financial situation continues to be a primary focus of the BOS agenda. As mentioned in last week’s message, Valerie Slade presented a proposal for adjusting the 2020 budget based upon the impact of the CARES Act loan as well as the reduction in financial gifts and other sources of income. The adjusted budget reflects the necessary reduction in expenses to balance the budget. The Board approved the revised budget will be closely monitoring the financial health of the church as we continue through the summer.

The second pressing topic was the reopening of the campus. We are still on target for a soft opening for small groups Monday through Friday starting on June 1. The next date of interest will be the inclusion of small group and adult classes on Monday through Friday and Sunday as of June 14. A reminder is that all groups must make reservations for the rooms through Leah Jayne at the church office. Most important, everyone is asked to follow the social distancing practices, including wearing masks, to ensure the safety of everyone.

The Board also approved a target date of June 28 for the resumption of in-person worship. Initially, two services will be offered – a modern service in the CLC at 9:30 a.m., and a traditional service in the Sanctuary at 11 a.m. Both the CLC and the Sanctuary will set up to accommodate the guidelines for social distancing. One obvious change will be the inclusion of the set-up for live-streaming. There will be cables, lighting, and other projection equipment that we’ll need as the online services will continue to be the primary way folks can connect. Childcare and Children’s Sunday School will not resume for several months. The church will align with local school districts regarding timing and safety protocols.

The Board also approved two other actions. We received a request from the local Blood Bank for a blood drive in late June. Kacey Brewer will coordinate the details. Please look for the notice. The second is the return of the Prayer Ministry to the Prayer Room. The logistics of this and the accommodations for social distancing were easily addressed.

These are challenging times for all. The Board continues to focus on health and safety as we move forward. Primary consideration is also inclusion and taking care of each other. We’re not focusing on percentages for room capacity. The goal will be to follow the guidelines of “safe seating.” This will require the cooperation of everyone. Remember that your actions as you come to the church will affect those around you. I pray that all of us will continue our commitment to the Wesleyan rules of “Do no harm” and “Do good.”

Blessings to all.

Kathryn “Kitty” Meyers