2nd June Board of Stewards Meeting

Hello, everyone. The Board of Stewards meeting this week continued to progress through the multitude of issues that arise as we work to open the church campus. What a marvelous group of folks! The guiding focus has always been on the love of God and our neighbor through a spirit of safety, hospitality, and inclusiveness. The conditions have been challenging due to the constraints created by the COVID-19 virus. We are now meeting in small groups Monday through Friday. Sunday will be the first with small groups and Sunday school classes. The biggest and still the primary way to worship will be the livestream worship services each Sunday morning.


Plans have been developed for each step of the way, including in the unfortunate event of an exposure. The prayer is that plans in case of illness will never be needed. Therefore, each of us entering the church building is asked to:


  1. Wear a mask, except for children under 10 years old.
  2. Practice safe social distancing of 6 feet from non-family members.
  3. Be mindful of what you touch, wash hands and use hand sanitizer.
  4. If you are ill or in an at-risk population, please stay home. (CDC has advised that people may be contagious even without symptoms.)

The livestream worship continues to see strong viewership, whether through the website, YouTube, Facebook, or the radio broadcasts. Pastor Donna, Carr Hornbuckle, Donna Nicholson and the Taizé team have also produced a series of deeply meaningful services to be posted on the website during the summer. The website has so many other opportunities to connect. Please check them out. Your support financially during these times has allowed the staff to create these. The financial reviews continue to show your appreciation and belonging to all these efforts. Thank you now and for future consideration as we open.


Connection is the key. Pastor Holly used three words that resonated with me during last Sunday’s sermon. Lament, listen, and act. We are lamenting and grieving for the loss of many things—community, loved ones, financial resources, jobs, and security. This list varies with each of us individually. How we each deal with feelings and circumstances varies individually as well.


Her next word was to listen. Listen to God and to those with whom we connect. We will strengthen and then begin the next steps to God’s work. The action. Ideas are arising. Let us know of yours. There are so many needs in the church community and beyond. Communicate and then become involved.


The Board of Stewards has faithfully met weekly to develop the various plans and actions to weather the pandemic storm and begin the reopening of the campus. As of this week, we will begin meeting every two weeks. Our next Zoom meeting will be on July 24. Again, the ask is that we each act responsibly for the care of ourselves and others. This virus is not going away. Only with diligence can we ensure the health and safety of all.


Kathryn “Kitty” Meyers