Letter from Holly on Reopening

Dear AHUMC family:

The past few months have been challenging for everyone, and some have been affected more than others by the coronavirus pandemic. We continue to pray for individuals and families who have suffered illness and death as well as the loss of employment, income, and security. At the church we’ve responded as best we could, adjusting our programs and offering live stream worship services. Some of this has been difficult, but nothing has been more difficult than missing you, our church family. Walking through the campus, I notice how empty it is without you. I miss the sounds of our congregation worshipping together on Sunday mornings. I miss the voices of our children, youth, and adults gathering for study and fellowship. I miss the sounds of teachers and little ones playing and learning at our Weekday School. All of us, pastors and staff, have looked forward to the day that we could re-open our campus to the church and community.

I am delighted to announce that Sunday, June 28, we will resume public worship at Alamo Heights United Methodist Church. Initially, there will be two services only: modern worship in the Christian Life Center at 9:30 a.m., and traditional worship in the Sanctuary at 11 a.m. Live stream worship for both services will continue to be our focus. Anyone who is ill should continue to worship at home, and anyone who is part of an at-risk population should strongly consider worshipping at home as well.

During this initial phase of returning to public worship, some things will be different. For example, lights and cameras necessary for live stream worship will remain in place in the Sanctuary, and no childcare or children’s Sunday School will be available. If you plan to attend, we welcome you to bring your children to worship with you if you feel comfortable doing so. Worship bags for children, containing coloring sheets, crayons, stickers, and other activities will be available all morning, and if worship is a little noisier than usual due to the presence of children, it will be a blessing!

Additionally, health and safety protocols will be in place for all services. We’ve enclosed an information sheet regarding these protocols, and more details are available on our website, ahumc.org/reopen. Please know that our opening plan has been carefully developed by church leaders to address current circumstances; it may be adjusted over time if circumstances change. The health and safety of our church and community are of utmost importance.

If you plan to be with us for in-person worship on June 28, we ask that you please let us know no later than Tuesday, June 23 by going to ahumc.org/here. We want to make sure we have everything ready for you!

I have missed you so much and look forward to being with you whenever you are comfortable with returning. It will be good to see one another and praise God together!

In Christ’s love
Rev. Holly H. Gotelli
Senior Pastor