A Letter from our First Board Meeting of the New Year

Greetings AHUMC,

My name is Kitty Meyers. It is my honor to be Chair of the Board, especially in this year of transition. We have a new senior pastor, Rev. Holly Gotelli, a new class of Board members, and many new opportunities.

First, let me tell you how personally happy I am to have the opportunity to work with Holly. She brings a wealth of talents to our AHUMC community. She has made an impact on so many of us from her Listening Tour, via the Sunday services, and through other various missions within and outside of the church.

The Board gathered on Saturday, January 18, to get to know each other and our roles. The gathering included Board members, staff, and clergy. We spent time discussing the status of the “protocol” that has been disseminated by a diverse group of United Methodists representing various constituencies throughout the Church. Holly answered questions about the protocol, which proposes a way forward for the global Church amid disagreement relating to the church’s relationship with LGBTQIA persons and emphasized that the protocol is far from being an actionable plan. Only after General Conference in May will we know whether it is adopted at all and, if so, in what form.

In the meantime, Holly urged us to focus on those things we share in common as United Methodists rather than on things that may divide us. She emphasized the importance of the unity of the church, rooted in the love of Christ, and as leaders of the church, we agreed to lean into unity rather than division.

The afternoon session was a discussion led by an outstanding facilitator, Dr. Dorinda Rolle, on the vision question of “who is Alamo Heights United Methodist Church.” We all participated in the discussions that led to the development of the following statement that succinctly states who we are:

 “Alamo Heights United Methodist Church is a Christian community of love, hope, and belonging for all.”

The Board unanimously approved and adopted this statement as a guiding principle for our laity and staff going forward. We believe it represents our church’s commitment to reach all people with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

There will be many opportunities to work together and to discuss the mission and vision of the church as we move forward. If you have any questions or concerns, please bring them to me, any Board member, or the pastors. You will find a link to contact me on the church website.

I look forward to engaging with you. Please go forward with the blessings of God!


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