A Collection of Prayers regarding the Coronavirus

Dear Faith Family of AHUMC,

Prayer has always been foundational to our lives as faithful disciples of Jesus Christ. To that end, in these days of forced separation, we can be in still be in community together by uniting our hearts and voices in prayer wherever we are. Not everyone may be aware that we have had an At-Home Prayer Ministry group for over 20 years, faithful folk who receive a weekly list of prayer concerns over which to pray in the quiet of their own homes – apart and yet together in spirit. This is in addition to our Prayer Room Ministry.

Now, we all have an opportunity to be an At-Home Prayer Community! Following is a prayer I’ve written and you are invited to pray this prayer during these days of concern and crisis in our world, or feel free to phrase it in your own words. Jesus reminded us that where two or more are gathered in his Name, he is in the midst of us – that includes gathered in spirit! United by the Holy Spirit, may we come to agreement in praying these prayers, confident that God hears and will answer us.  


Rev. Donna Strieb 

March 26
March 24
March 20
March 17
March 26

A Prayer for These Pandemic Days –from Rev. Donna Strieb

Blessed Lord, we praise you for we know our times are in your Hand and you are with us! You inhabit the praises of Your people, and so…


· We praise You for the many who have recovered and for those who are well.

· We praise You for doctors and scientists diligently working to find a vaccine.

· We praise You for all leaders seeking to bring safety to their citizens and for all people who are heeding the guidelines, regulations, and sheltering in place.

· We praise you for all persons on the frontlines who are risking their lives to help those who are sick and dying

· Most of all, we offer our thanks and praise that You ARE with us, we are not alone in this battle against Covid-19!


Secure in the knowledge that You never forsake us or leave us, and that your hand is strong to save, we offer these prayers, asking for Your…


· Peace to calm our fears and ease our stress in this uncertain time

· Guidance for parents, children, youth and teachers adjusting to new ways of learning.

· Healing and restoration for all who are sick or infected by the virus or carrying it.

· Protection for the vulnerable – the elderly, the poor, those with health issues and all who are essential for the meeting of our primary needs.

· Provision for all needed medical supplies and stamina and strength for all personnel.

· Prevention of the spread of this disease and willingness on the part of us all to help.

· Blessing on our church and all churches, pastors, staff, and congregations as we offer your Love and Grace to all and to receive the financial support to do so.

· Holy Spirit movement among us and through us to find new opportunities to be your faithful disciples and spread the love of Jesus Christ in the world.

In the Powerful Name of Jesus, our Lord and Savior, amen.

March 24
March 20
March 17