Board of Stewards Update: September 2022

Board of Stewards Update: September 2022

Kitty Meyers, Board Chair


Our September board of stewards meeting began with an opening prayer by Pastor Janet and the roll call of attendees.  The visitors were welcomed. Executive Director Valerie Slade presented the finance report. The August revenues reflected the usual summer dip. The household giving was down. The Sunday plate cash continues to be healthy, an indicator of guest giving. Church staff continues to closely monitor expenses even with the increase in expenses in the Children and Youth ministries. An exciting trend is the more than double of children and youth participating over last year’s numbers. While the August numbers were lower than planned, we continue to perform financially better than projected.


Special thanks go to Renee Kizziar, who is helping the finance staff following the departure of Dana Hawks. The board did review the apportionment payments to the Rio Texas Conference. The church supports the activities of the Conference through its assigned allotment. As the August revenues were lower than expected and with the concurrence of the conference, the church did send less than budgeted. The shortfall will made up by the end of the year.


The Foundation board continues its work for the church with the presentation of “Putting Your House in Order” on Sunday, September 25 in the Parlor and CLC. This is an opportunity to learn about creating a legacy through inheritance planning that will support AHUMC mission for the future. Roger Lind, board chair, requested all attending register for the session.


David Kinder, SPRC chair, updated the board on the current staff and volunteer openings.  Welcomed were Shawn Jones and Kresta Wright. The search continues for the Associate Music Director position.


Pastors Janet and Robert provided an update on “Mission Central”. Prayer and discussion continue to determine God’s plan. These include exploring opportunities to collaborate with Northern Hills UMC and others as the “mission” is created. They are in the primary stage of figuring out what’s needed. The focus will be to create with a strong church ownership with a sustainable mission that impacts people’s lives.


Pastor Jason addressed the concerns regarding the future direction of UMC. He reminded everyone of Bishop’s Schnase’s invitation to attend a gathering at University UMC at 6:30 on Thursday, September 29. He will talk about the current discussions regarding the church. While this will be presented at other churches in the conference, this is the only one scheduled in San Antonio. Pastor Jason has expressed the need for a live virtual link. This will be published when available.


Pastor Jason spoke that he was still in the process of getting to know us and our AHUMC culture. He asked that as we work through the current issues revolving around that there are many feelings. He asked that all not to “check their faith at the door.” All discussions should be mature, with love and respect.


The meeting closed with a prayer from Pastor Darrell. 


In Christ,


Kitty Meyers

Chair of the AHUMC Board of Stewards