Board of Stewards Update: October 2022

Board of Stewards Update: October 2022

Kitty Meyers, Board Chair


Pastor Donna Strieb opened this month’s board meeting with a prayer recognizing the rocky path we are on and hope for unity and love. The meeting began with the financial report by Valerie Slade. Total revenues for September were short by $25,000. Year-to-date tithes and offering fall short of projections by $144,000 while plate cash donations continue to exceed projections. As we continue to open the church for weddings and other activities, the number of events grow. The trend is very optimistic. 


Church expenses were below budget due to the frugality of the staff. Their creativity and cost-effective measures continue to meet the challenges and provide high-quality ministries. An example is the opportunities given through a paid college intern who gains valuable work experience. The support of 15 wonderful volunteers, clerical assistance from the AHISD Connects Program, and from three part-time staff in Finance continue to impact. Overall, the church finances broke even for the month and are favorable with a year-to-date at $173,000. 


Carr Hornbuckle provided a report from the Trustee Committee’s final meeting of the year. He reported on the exploratory opportunity for a ground lease on the upper parking lot along Peter Bacque and Nottingham. To date, two offers have been made, one in writing while the other is verbal. Carr addressed a letter from a congregant regarding the proposed lease opportunity. The process to continue includes steps with the Las Misiones district followed by open meetings with the congregation. The Trustees agreed to follow up on this following the first of the year and asked the broker to notify the current interested parties. 


Carr then updated the board on the status of the Boy Scout charter with the Church. The Scout representatives asked for a release in the Church’s charter for their programs and then followed with the request to continue using the Church facilities. Their charters have been picked up by another organization. This falls within the parameters of the settlements of the UMC and Boy Scouts of America. Scout Troop #59 and Cub Pack #59 will continue to meet here with our blessings. 


Pastor Jason comments focused on needs dialogue during times of change. Conversation allows growth with unity. We can work together to find solutions. We can find better ways to communicate and disseminate information, remembering that a core value is transparency. The greater call is to find ways to love. Jesus Christ is a core to the process.


Conversation and communication on the issue of disaffiliation and discernment is available on the Church’s website at This page provides thorough information on the conversation between the UMC and the GMC - including both the Renfro and Hamilton videos on discernment. Come to a church-wide meeting with Pastor Kendall Waller, treasurer for the Las Misiones District Office, on Thursday, November 10 in the Sanctuary for a discussion on the discernment process. Other opportunities to educate and discuss will be forthcoming. 


Pastor Jason closed his comments with the prayer to put the priority on the love of our Savior, Jesus Christ. His call was for us to use this great love with respect and dignity. 


In Christ,


Kitty Meyers

Chair of the AHUMC Board of Stewards