April Board of Stewards Meeting

The Board of Stewards met for the April meeting amidst the promising news of vaccine rollouts and declining COVID-19 numbers. We praise all healthcare and other essential workers for their dedication to service. Each week, we see more worship attendance and campus activities. Online worship and spiritual events continue to be a strength to those attending.

Valerie Slade presented a positive financial report for March. The increase in activity is reflected in the giving, and we ended the month with a surplus. The staff continues in a manner of frugality in these still uncertain times.

As with everyone in the city, the church’s utility bills were high due to the February snowstorm. These were reflected in the March statement. The staff costs were in line with the budget as all positions are now filled. 

Carr Hornbuckle gave a report of the Trustee’s meeting. The committee approved capital expenditures for needed improvements in the replacement of HVAC equipment, the automated controls, and other associated items.

They prudently approved items on the three-year plan that could be completed with one contract, a cost savings in the end. A concurrent expenditure for Asbury to address needed foundation repairs was also approved.

In the coming weeks, you will receive a survey that staff is developing. This survey is to query the congregations’ preferences on worship, with an eye toward adding worship services going into the fall. The BOS asks that you reflect and reply. Let us know how you would like to church to proceed.

Our final act in the meeting was the approval of a new branding proposal for the church, which will be rolled out in the coming weeks. Clear branding of AHUMC will help us better communicate our identity and mission to the community while advancing the ministries of the church. This is most exciting. I look forward to our future.

Blessings to all of you. Prayers for safety and comfort as we continue to move through this pandemic environment.