Board of Stewards Meeting - September 2021

The Board of Stewards met for the September meeting. We had the joy of the introduction of three new staff members. We welcomed Andrea Hayter, Associate Director of Music Worship, Robert Duncan, Associate Director of Youth Ministry, and Shawn Jones, Associate Director of Children’s Ministry.  


Valerie Slade, Director of Finance and HR, gave the presentation of the financial statement. Even during the slow summer months, the “numbers” looked good. The revenues exceed projections even with the lower attendance due to continuing concerns caused by the pandemic. The staff continues the frugality, being very conservative on expenses. The maintenance costs and higher insurance premiums are areas to watch. The final analysis is the predicted summer deficit was not as large as expected.


The major discussion concerned the sale of the Asbury campus. Kudos to Pastor Holly, Pastor Robert, and Carr Hornbuckle, Trustee Chair. They presented the plans for the sale to the District Strategy Team, and the team approved the plan. The next step is the presentation to the Church congregation through a Charge Conference held on Thursday, October 7 at 5:30 p.m. Pastor Holly will announce the conference through the weekly blast and at worship. All congregants are invited. District Superintendent Greg Hackett will preside.  


The meeting concluded with Pastor Holly’s reminder of the celebration of Ruth Ann Lind’s retirement on Sunday. Ruth Ann has truly blessed us with her talents and gifts. The joy is that she and Roger continue to be with us. Thank you, Ruth Ann.


Blessings to all. Have a marvelous day.