1st August Board of Stewards Meeting

Hello to all. We are now half-way through the summer and thinking about all of the upcoming fall events in light of the pandemic. This is especially true for the fall school calendar. These same concerns have been front and center for the Board of Stewards since March and continue as we look forward.


This week’s Board meeting continued to focus on you! We asked, “How are we sustaining the church and the congregation?” One point that caused each of us to feel comfort was the way you have continued to support the church through your gifts and tithing. The financial report for July has yet to be finalized but the initial report was very encouraging. The ongoing implementation of cost-saving measures along with your gifts are keeping the church in a positive position. For this we thank you.


Trustees Chair Roger Lind presented the update from the Building Reopening Task Force. Yes, the church continues with the live-streamed worship services. Off-site or overnight trips have been suspended for the fall. The building remains locked down and staff is encouraged to work from home. And sadly, the Pumpkin Patch has been cancelled. The Workday School, an “essential worker” service, does continue its operations following licensing requirements.


The most important point was the discussion on the methodology to be used in addressing the easing or tightening of campus access. With the wonderful guidance of Dr. John Jernigan, the Task Force has developed the guidelines for adjusting services and access as the circumstances of the pandemic change. Roger presented the factors that are being used in decision-making, including our AHUMC values and beliefs. The Task Force is including a narrative in this week’s post that expands upon this report that you can read by clicking here.


On a very sad note, we express prayers of support and love to Leah and Mike Jayne in the loss of their son, Trevor. Leah, our church Administrative Assistant, has blessed us with her service and her love for so many years. The church collectively is providing material and spiritual support to her and the family. I ask that each of you raise them up in your prayers. If you would like to assist, please contact Pastor Matt through the church office.


The staff continues to create so many ways for us to connect. The pastors’ “Soul Connection” is reaching many of us on Tuesday nights as a centering spiritual worship. Pastor Donna and the Taizé team are working on worship for the fall. The youth ministry is continuing the connections to our students. Please check out all of the opportunities in the weekly email and the church website. There is something for everyone.


Continued prayers and blessings to all. Our faith is strengthened through our connections, even the virtual kind in these most unusual circumstances. Stay safe. 


Kathryn “Kitty” Meyers