2nd August Board of Stewards Meeting

Greetings. Your Board of Stewards continues its mission of guiding the church through this pandemic. This week’s meeting highlighted our passionate commitment to God, you and the community. Our amazing pastors and staff continue to create so many new ways of reaching out in mission and ministry. You will hear more of this.

The Finance Committee maintains its diligence in managing the financial situation. Many thanks to the Foundation Board for supporting the church with additional funds in these times. The diligent staff efforts, the Foundation support, the federal CARES Act loan and your faithful giving have all worked together to help maintain the good financial health of the church.

The Finance Committee presented the proposed budget for 2021. It is not an aggressive budget, but it will require all of us giving together to meet it. It did address the ongoing need to support livestream worship and programming ministries. This streaming has been such a marvelous connector. While Pastor Holly had initiated livestreaming last summer upon her arrival, this tool has enabled us to do so much more since then. The Board concurs that this should be a crucial tool to continue our mission of reaching out into the community even after we reopen for in-person worship.

Roger Lind provided the Building Reopening Task Force update, and the Board approved easing some of the limitations on group size. Reservations must still be made through the church office and stay-safe requirements are still in place. This week also saw a new opportunity with “Sacred Space” on Wednesdays. The sanctuary is available two times during the day for silent prayer time. No reservations are needed. Masks are required and safe distancing practiced. Pastors are available for support.

The Board is very excited about the new ministry opportunities planned for the fall. For those of you who joined me for this summer’s Soul Connect, you know how wonderful it was to see folks, even virtually, and have a conversation. What a blessing! Pastor Darrell has developed an awesome calendar of classes rolling out in September. Each Sunday through Thursday evening and most mornings the church will offer classes via Zoom. Some will also be in person. They will be pastor-led or will be conducted by a guest speaker. Check out the calendar of fall classes at ahumc.org/courses.

The “Blessing of the Backpacks” event last Sunday afternoon was a huge success. The Mission Bell staff is working with the Lunch Bunch to develop a delivery menu for our seniors. Pastor Donna’s Taizé services continue to provide unique spiritual support. The creativity and inventiveness are so heartwarming. We are so blessed. I urge you to participate in whatever fulfills you. I thank you and ask that you continue your financial support for the church. The events and opportunities outlined here and those in the works are all testaments to your love for Christ. Bless you.

Kathryn “Kitty” Meyers