April Board of Stewards Meeting

Prayers that everyone is safe. The Church Board of Stewards met again on April 1 in their weekly virtual call. These meetings have become so important as we navigate through the daily changes in our Church and community. I feel blessed to be working with such dedicated folks, all focused on continuing our commitment to God, the Church, and the community.

We are indeed in tough times as everyone is battling this pandemic. However, despite the "stay home, stay safe" requirements, we strive to maintain the relationships that make us a great church community. Whether through virtual meetings to manage the issues of the congregation or the wonderful spiritual connections that are continuing to bless God, everyone is diligently working to meet the fluctuating needs.

Holly and the staff are creating such a wonderful Easter week for us. I hope that you will join me as I virtually attend the services. I will miss you but know that my thoughts and prayers go to each of you as we celebrate our Lord.

May you continue to be safe. Don't hesitate to reach out to staff or the board. We are here for you.


Kathryn “Kitty” Meyers