3rd April Board of Stewards Meeting

Greetings. Prayers that all are well in these times of uncertainty. The Board met again virtually on April 15 for the weekly call. Here’s a recap of the discussions.

Financially we finished with a strong March and began the second quarter $65,000 ahead of projections. While this was good news for entering into the pandemic shutdown, we are challenged as we are not in our norm. The virtual Easter week services were marvelous, so spiritual. The live virtual attendance was very strong and hundreds of others continue to watch the videos of our services posted online. Even in the midst of this difficult time, we are reaching many people in our community and beyond with the Good News of Jesus Christ. The negative financial impact of the shutdown is serious. Giving is down substantially. The staff has taken significant actions to curb expenses and manage the finances. Valerie Slade, Director of Finance and HR, is preparing a letter to send to our membership regarding our current financial situation. A piece of good news is that we applied for federal assistance for payroll protection through the recently passed CARES Act. We are awaiting the news as to the funding. 

The question of “when” comes up. When will we begin activities at the church?   What is the plan? It is hard to give definite answers. The civic leaders, our mayor and county commissioners, are working out a strategy according to public statements. We will follow their guidelines. However, listening to their reports, we have yet to reach the peak of the pandemic’s impact on our community.

Valerie’s report will highlight our financial needs. Easter and Palm Sunday donations are usually #2 and #3 behind Christmas as the high points of giving. The reality of 2020 is that these donations are way off the expectations from past years. These have helped us get through the summer months when giving falls as church attendance drops with folks on vacation. 

Understanding the uncertainties of our current situation, I ask that you search your heart and continue your generosity. The church building may be closed for now, but worship, outreach, and programming continues. The needs are there.  The uncertainties of our future will bring as yet undetermined opportunities for service. Only with your support can we serve.  Whether you offer a one-time donation or a recurring tithing set up through Valerie, you will make a difference. 

May God bless. Prayers for safety for you and your families.

Kathryn “Kitty” Meyers