Agua Crew

The intense winter weather in February brought about challenges to all of us in some way. AHUMC was fortunate to not have any flooding due to burst pipes like many of our brothers and sisters in the community and all across the state experienced. However, we did see significant damage to the gardens from the deep freeze, much like what you've likely seen in your yards and on your drives around the city and beyond.

Thankfully, we have a dedicated group of volunteers, known as the Agua Crew. Scott Charlton, Ken Hamilton, John Jernigan, Barbara Lee, Nora Scott, Fred Soupiset, Pat Soupiset, Caroline Wernli and others have spent several of their weekly Wednesday gatherings this Spring to weed, prune, chop, plant and feed our gardens. Their work saved a lot of our damaged landscape and brought a much needed jolt to the unique and diverse plant life around campus - just in time for Easter! 

Pictured here are the Amaryllis that are located near the Columbarium in the Clyde Byrd Columbarium Garden, just East of the Sanctuary. They bloomed the day before Easter.