A Tale of Two Mission Trips and How They Became One

Many months ago, both Student Ministry and New Zion Youth Choir were planning July mission trips to far-flung places like St. Louis, Missouri, and Eagle Pass, Texas, where students would be able to serve together and grow in relationship with each other. The plans were exciting, and momentum was building...it was going to be so much fun!


Enter COVID-19.


Suddenly, what each group had planned was shelved, and something new was born. Both student groups joined forces to re-imagine a joint mission trip where we all could serve our own city of San Antonio but also remain safe and healthy. New plans were made to work the garden beds at Asbury UMC, and students were signing up. We couldn't believe that a hometown mission trip was going to actually work out!


Enter a surge in COVID-19 cases in San Antonio.


And our "trip" changed again. In order to continue prioritizing students' and adult volunteers’ safety, we tweaked our serving one more time to an in-home experience of serving with our families while making food, hygiene, and clothing kits for Christian Assistance Ministry here in San Antonio. And the students STILL SHOWED UP.


On Friday, July 10, Student Ministry and New Zion staff collected over 300 kits from these students and families who just wouldn’t give up on the idea of serving together.  These people are AHUMC, and what a marvelous example they are of perseverance and love.


We could never have known the path we'd travel to create a mission trip experience for our kids, but it has been nothing short of glorious to see the ongoing flexibility and enthusiasm and tenacity of our students, parents, and AHUMC staff.  Enormous thanks goes out to all of them!


God, we are grateful for this path and this work. Give us your words and your strength as we walk in the world...today and everyday. We are yours.



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