New and Prospective Members:


Please join us on Ocotber 27 
for an introduction to AHUMC.


12:15 p.m. in the Christian Life Center (CLC)


If your home is your “first place,” and where you work is your “second place,” we want AHUMC to be your “third place.”  


Whether you are a new member, interested in joining the church, or just want to find out more about our community, we hope that you will join the AHUMC staff for lunch and a time of introduction.


Our pastors will lead this dialogue around the UMC and some specifics about our church and its ministries.  Children’s lunches will be available, and childcare is available by reservation.

Lunch provided by Chefs Colin Bryant and Kaitlin Workman of Mission Bell


What is a United Methodist Church?
Do I have to be a Methodist to participate at AHUMC?
How do I learn more about AHUMC?
Can I participate in Communion at AHUMC?
Who can be baptized at AHUMC?
How do I become a member of AHUMC?
What kind of outreach does AHUMC do?
Does AHUMC offer recovery programs?
Does AHUMC offer assistance for hardship?
How do I contact a pastor?
What is AHUMC’s Child Safety Policy?
Does AHUMC offer hearing assistance or ASL interpreters?
Can I host an event at AHUMC?
How do I schedule a baptism at AHUMC?
Can I have my wedding at AHUMC?
Can we have a funeral at the church?
How do I reserve a recurring meeting space at AHUMC?
Can I take photos at the church?