A Generous Life - Why It's Important

Dear Friends,


October 25 is Commitment Sunday for our 2021 stewardship campaign, and we ask that you return your 2021 pledge card that day. Whether you join us for worship online or in person, we’ll celebrate the goodness and generosity of God in Jesus Christ and look forward to another year in ministry together.


We want to remind you why we ask our members to turn in a pledge card and offer you a specific invitation. On a very practical level, we ask you to turn in a pledge card so that our Finance Committee can set an accurate budget for 2021. In order to budget responsibly, it is important to have some idea of our expected annual income. Every gift f rom every member is important to our mission and ministry.


Most importantly, however, we ask you to make a pledge to the work of God through the church because we know that God calls us to live a generous life! Committing our time, talents, and financial resources to the building of God’s kingdom is a spiritual discipline that enriches our lives and draws us into a deeper relationship with Christ. It is our privilege to glorify God through our gifts.


By clicking here you will find the AHUMC 2021 Proposed Operating Budget, as well as an overview of the creative ways we’ve continued to love and serve others in the name of Jesus even in the midst of a global pandemic. These may help you as you consider your commitment for 2021. We also invite you to spend time praying and listening to God as you consider your commitment to the work of the church in the coming year. Please seal your pledge card in the envelope provided and bring it with you to worship on October 25 or return your envelope to the church office as soon as possible.


Week-by-week, through your generosity and your prayers, presence, service, and witness, Alamo Heights UMC educates young and old, provides space for prayer, faith development, and personal transformation, assists the poor, visits the sick, supports people in times of trial, conducts worship, serves others through the greater Methodist connection, and so much more. We are so grateful for your support of the church. Together, we will continue to reach out in love and service to the world in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

In gratitude and faith, 

Rev. Holly H. Gotelli

Senior Pastor


Andy Ahrens 

Finance Chair