• Jane Mowery, Weekday School Director at Alamo Height United Methodist Church talks about finding the AHUMC community and her heart for ministry.

  • After Richard Nixon's death in 1994, Liz was asked by the Cathedral Needlepoint Committee to design a kneeler commemorating his presidency. She did design, stitch, and carry the Nixon kneeler during its dedication. In 2008, Liz had another opportunity to participate in a dedication ceremony at the National Cathedral, this time honoring Ronald Reagan. Though Liz did not design his kneeler, she did personally stitch it, a process that took over a year of delicate work. Joined by her family for the ceremony, she carried the Reagan kneeler to the altar at the great Cathedral, another moving occasion. 

  • Liz Wilson discovered her calling and her career as a designer of church needlepoint quite by accident. Having studied art at Southern Methodist University, the Art Institute of Chicago, and through numerous classes and workshops taught by talented artists, Liz well knew how to draw, paint, and use color and texture to create beautiful designs.

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